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Facial Kit - Blemish Buster

$ 139.00

This collection is formulated to holistically reduce blemishes, clarify the complexion and return your skin to its optimal health.  By using the power of plants, minerals, and proven to be safe and effective innovative ingredients, this facial kit will help fight off the bacteria causing breakouts, will reduce inflammation. help control over production of sebum, gently exfoliate, and nourish the skin for optimal functioning.  

This kit is ideal for those with combination or oily skin.  If you have dry skin and acne, check out our Dry + Blemish collection. 


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Mornings // Cleanse the skin using our Activated Charcoal + Dead Sea Salt soap. Follow by misting our Neroli Clarifying Toner and then immediately massaging a few drops of the Herbal Balancing Serum. If you prefer, you can create an emulsion using the Neroli Clarifying Toner and the Herbal Balancing Serum within you palm, and then massage the emulsion into the skin.

Evenings // Cleanse the skin using our Activated Charcoal + Dead Sea Salt soap. Follow by applying the Neroli Clarifying Toner with an organic cotton pad and then massaging a small amount of the Night Clarifying Treatment into the skin.

Weekly // 1-2 times per week, follow our Activated Charcoal + Dead Sea Salt soap with the Activated Purifying Mask to exfoliate and detoxify. This will purify the pores, remove dead skin cells, promote cellular renewal, and deliver minerals and nutrients. We recommend blending the mask using our Neroli Clarifying Toner or with cooled organic green tea.

Tip: Adult acne can be so frustrating! After years of struggling with it, I have realized that the best way to prevent it is by healing my skin and body. Listen to your skin, it will tell you what it needs. More about that here. This kit will help heal your skin. To heal your body, it is a good idea to stay hydrated, exercise, eat whole foods and include gut-healing foods such as probiotics and anti-inflammatory turmeric in your diet.
CLEANSE // Activated Charcoal + Dead Sea Salt complexion soap

This vegan charcoal soap will gently cleanse and fight blemish-causing bacteria without over drying the skin. Made with activated charcoal for detoxification, anti-bacterial tea tree oil and ayuverdic neem oil to help prevent and heal blemishes, and nutrient-rich Dead Sea salt to improve overall skin health.

HYDRATE //Neroli Clarifying Toner

This toning mist is formulated to hydrate and clarify the complexion. It is a great way to add the benefits of vitamin C and green tea for skin in your daily routine. Green tea is antioxidant rich and is known to help reduce blemishes, balance sebum production, and fight off free radicals. This toner is also made of a blend of neroli, aka orange blossom, immortelle, rock rose and thyme hydrosols to tone, balance your skin's PH, and offer astringent and antibacterial properties. It also contains Vitamin C and vitamin B3 which are cell-communicating ingredients that are known to help increase elasticity, fade discoloration, brighten a complexion, help clear breakouts, and prevent premature aging.

MOISTURIZE + BALANCE in the sunlight // Herbal Balancing Serum

Our Herbal Balancing Serum is formulated to help balance over production of sebum while simultaneously returning moisture to dry skin and helping reduce inflammation. This green tea serum is made with a proprietary blend of infused oils which including thyme and green tea to combat break outs and give your skin a boost of antioxidants. Also made with plant oils rich in linoleic acid such as safflower to help return a balance to your skin flora and a synergenic blend of essential oils such as immortelle and blue chamomile to effectively fight off redness and promote healing.

MOISTURIZE + CLARIFY in the moonlight // Night Clarifying Treatment

This night treatment is formulated to reduce inflammation, speed up healing, and help prevent future break outs, ultimately helping your complexion achieve a clear and healthy glow. Jammed packed with nutrient-rich oils such as prickly pear seed oil and sea buckthorn oil to nourish and improve overall function, linoleic acid-rich oils such as safflower oil to help return a balance to your skin's flora, and a proprietary herb-infused oil blend to reduce overproduction of sebum while simultaneously fighting bad bacteria. Tamanu oil and an essential oil blend including blue chamomile, immortelle and frankincense help reduce inflammation, heal damaged skin, and prevent future break outs. CoQ10 promotes collagen production and returns elasticity to the skin.

DETOXIFY // Activated Purifying Mask

This activated charcoal mask is formulated to gently detoxify the skin while simultaneously nourishing with beautifying flowers and minerals. Activated charcoal deeply purifies the pores with its uncanny ability to attract toxins without stripping the skin of beneficial oils. Sugar and willow bark extract gently exfoliate to prevent clogged pores and promote and healthy complexion. Zinc oxide and a blend of flowers such as chamomile, roses, lavender and calendula nourish and help

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