\ˈa-pō\ ter·ra means DERIVED FROM THE EARTH

We have big news to share with you today. . . our skincare ritual guide is now available!  When we launched our new packaging with color coding in the summer of 2015, our goal was to make finding the right product easier.  The truth of the matter is, skincare is complex and although color coding is helpful to help you find the right product, you are the only one that can really determine what products are best for your unique skin.  This is why we also created this free skincare guide to help you determine what your skin needs to become its best self, holistically.

Our step by step guide is designed to help you create your ideal skincare ritual. We start by helping you determine your skin type and understanding what that means, and then walk you through creating a tailored skincare ritual for your unique skincare needs.  Interested?  You can download it for free here

Why is it important to determine your skin type?  Because this will help you determine if and how your skin is unbalanced.  Skin type is partly determined by genes, but we also believe that skin type changes with external and internal factors such as seasons, diet, water intake and exercise.  For instance, you might have combination skin that tends to break out in the summer, but have dry skin in the winter.  Or you might normally have combination skin, but because of poor diet and dehydration, you are suddenly dealing with inflammation and break outs.  When changes like these happen, a product that worked amazingly for you before might not be as effective for you now.  

Using products that are meant for your skin is imperative to getting that healthy glow.  Part of our skincare philosophy is that you should only use what you need. Reason being is that applying products that don't target your individual skin issues, or are too mild or too harsh for you skin, can actually affect your skin negatively. We discuss this a little more in depth in our dry skin series.  

So how do you find the right products for you?  Well, in case you hadn't noticed, we recently launched our newly redesigned website! We put a lot of work into making the site more informative and easier to use to help you do exactly that - find the right products and skincare ritual for your unique skincare needs.  One really useful tool is that you can now shop by skin type in the shop.  We also implemented, in addition to the color coding system, a "cheat sheet" under each product listing.   If you aren’t sure what skin type you are, or are new to natural skincare and want to learn more about crafting a skincare ritual, our skincare ritual guide is a good place to start!  

And of course, as always, if you have any questions at all, please email us at info@apoterraskincare.com.  It may take us a day or so to get back to you, but we are always happy to be here to help!


Free skincare guide by Apoterra

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