\ˈa-pō\ ter·ra means DERIVED FROM THE EARTH

I am SUPER excited to announce Apoterra Laboratory!  I LOVE spending time in the lab, tinkering, experimenting, creating and improving formulations.  I create a lot and I want to share the best of my creations with you more quickly and more often than I can if I were to launch them as new official Apoterra Skincare products.  So I am inviting you on my journey of creativity by periodically releasing products that I really love and want to share with you. These limited edition products will be freshly made in small batches of 25-100.  These special Apoterra Lab items will exclusively be available here on our website.  Each Lab release will be available only as supplies last.  


Excited?!  Us too!  Our very first Lab product is launching this Friday 11/25/16!  


Announcing the launch of Apoterra Laboratory!  We will be periodically launching limited edition single batch products.


Anyone who has known us since our days as Caru will know that I love hydrosol blends and face mists.  So for our first Apoterra Lab product, I decided to share with you my absolute favorite hydrosol blend: tulsi, white rose and rosehip.  I am calling this blend Tulsi + White Rose Face Mist.  This hydrating and clarifying hydrosol blend smells SO good, I literally can't stop misting it if it's anywhere near me.  I sourced really gorgeous hydrosols from an American distiller and farmer that sources only locally grown, organic or wildcrafted plants. If you like our Tulsi body oil or body scrub, you will LOVE this mist.  The hydrosol has a much more delicate and complex aroma than the essential oil, and is seriously addictive!  

For those of you who aren't familiar with Tulsi, the hydrosol has a lovely aroma that is sweet and spicy, with notes of cinnamon, clove, basil, peppermint, and vanilla.  Also known as holy basil, it is a sacred Ayuverdic herb that is considered to be a goddess, mother medicine of nature, incarnated in plant form. The plant looks similar to common basil, but has an intoxicating spicy and unique aroma. It is considered to be a balancing and grounding herb, good for many types of ailments, and is often referred to as the "Elixir of Life".  Our small batch organic tulsi hydrosol is a truly magical water we believe is fit for that name.  This beautiful hydrosol provides calming or uplifting energies, whichever your soul desires.  I blended this sacred hydrosol with sweet white rose, which promotes closeness, emotional balance, and self-love, as well as skin savior rosehip hydrosol.  

Carry this jewel with you everywhere and mist as needed for emotional support, or integrate it into your skincare ritual for an elevated experience.


Apoterra Laboratory Tulsi and White Rose Face mist


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Love your Lab product?  Let us know by either leaving a review via the product listing page or by contacting us.  You never know, it might just become part of our Apoterra Skincare family.  

November 22, 2016 by Dominique Caron

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