\ˈa-pō\ ter·ra means DERIVED FROM THE EARTH

Spring is a time for removing the clutter from one's life, transitioning to a new phase in the seasons and rebirth.  There is something about the longer days, bright sun rays, and warm air that make me want to ditch my stews for salads, hot cocoa for iced herbal tea, and bundling myself on the couch with a book for a nice walk in the the park.  I find spring to be the perfect time to harness this boost of energy to clean out not just my home, but also my skincare routine.  It's time to start introducing new treatments, change up my heavy moisturizers for freshly made lightweight oils, and to start introducing clarifying and balancing products to my routine.  Winter may be gone, but it's effects on my skin are not. Constant exposure to dry, cold air can leave skin feeling dehydrated, raw, inflamed, flaky and sensitive.  Although using a regenerative balm and hydrating products helped protect my skin all winter long, the warmer and more humid air that signals the arrival of spring can lead to excessive oiliness and breakouts.  Using the right products the correct way assists my skin to transition seamlessly.




My skincare ritual always involves the following steps: cleanse, hydrate, and moisturize.  I usually do so twice a day, and add some treatments 1-3 times per week. 


Cleanse //  At this time of year, I first cleanse using a mild clay cleanser to assist in properly clearing out the pores without over drying the skin. 


Hydrate //  I follow with a hydrating water-based product that delivers nutrients and simultaneously fights inflammation and breakouts.  Water goes deeper than oils, so a potent water step is very beneficial, especially when addressing dehydration.  I love using the Neroli Clarifying Toner for this step because of the vitamin C and green tea which both assist in fighting inflammation and can help prevent breakouts. 


Moisturize Day // I then follow with a lightweight moisturizer during the day, something that seals in water to keep my skin hydrated but also nourishes and promotes a healthy skin flora. Look for products with jojoba oil, squalane, or linoleic-acid rich oils such as safflower oil as well as skin healing ingredients (I use our Simple Facial Oil). 


Moisturize Night // At night, I will follow the same routine but I will swap my lightweight oil for a heavier duty moisturizer to assist in regeneration since my skin is still recovering from winter.  I use our Night Regenerative Balm which I make with hydrating and nutrient-rich oils like prickly pear, cupuacu butter, shea butter, pumpkin seed oil, and sea buckthorn.




Depending on what my schedule allows, 1-3 times per week, I introduce a steam and mask in between the cleansing and hydrating steps.


Herbal Steam // Steams can do wonders year round, but they are especially helpful in the spring. Steaming is like a sauna for your face. It helps hydrate the skin, and opens the pores to facilitate removal of impurities.  Steaming (and exfoliating) improves circulation which is your body's way of removing toxins and delivering nutrients. Steaming with supportive herbs and flowers will assist your skin in its natural detoxing process, by providing botanicals that assist in eliminating bad bacteria and microbes, but also assist in healing and nourishing the skin.


Mask + Exfoliate // I follow the steam with an exfoliating mask.  Exfoliating the dead skin cells that are the top layer of your skin will encourage cell renewal and will brighten your complexion. Winter tends to leave skin looking dull so a bi-weekly exfoliating treatment will help the skin recover more quickly. This can be done either mechanically with a scrub, or chemically with a mask.  A clay mask with exfoliating properties can also work double duty by helping clear out pores, deliver nutrients, and exfoliate.  I always follow a mask with an alcohol-free toner and a moisturizer.



I put together a bundle of products that I use at this time a year.  Check out the new Spring Ritual Facial Kit for ideas on how which products to use at this time of year!

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